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  1. What hotel was used for the exteriors of the Overlook?
  2. Timberline Lodge, near Mount Hood in Oregon, was used for front exterior shots of the Overlook. The exterior shots of the hotel involving the actors, together with all of the interior sets, were constructed at EMI Elstree Studios near London.

  3. What does the end shot of a picture of Jack Torrance at a 1921 July 4th party signify?
  4. Similar to his somewhat mysterious and ambiguous ending to 2001: A Space Odyssey, this has been debated by Kubrick enthusiasts for years, and typically, Kubrick himself never gave a definitive answer, preferring to let audiences decide for themselves.

    Probably the most logical interpretation is that it is the visual confirmation of Grady’s (Philip Stone) line to Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) in the red bathroom scene: "You’ve always been the caretaker." It also plays on the theme that Evil has always existed and always will.

  5. What exactly does "shining" mean, in the context of the film?
  6. "Shining" is the term that Halloran (Scatman Crothers) uses to signify psychic abilities or extra-sensory communication, which he and Danny Torrance (Danny Lloyd) have.

  7. Who came up with the idea for Jack Nicholson’s signature "Here’s Johnny!" line?
  8. Reportedly Jack Nicholson improvised the line during the shooting of the scene.

  9. Who invented the Steadicam (and operated it on the film)?
  10. Garrett Brown, for which he won a Science and Technical Academy Award in 1978.

  11. What are the differences between the U.S. and international versions of the film?

    Kubrick cut some 20 minutes from The Shining before its international release, which were later restored on the home video version. Here is a list of the major cuts (from Monthly Film Bulletin, November 1980):

    1. The beginning of Jack’s interview for the caretaker position at the Overlook Hotel.
    2. The scene of a doctor (Anne Jackson) examining Danny after he first "sees" the Grady twins.
    3. During their tour of the Overlook, Ullman shows Jack and Wendy the Colorado Lounge. Most of this scene, where Ullman talks about the hotel’s past, has been cut.
    4. The beginning of the scene where Ullman shows Jack and Wendy the hotel grounds and the hedge maze.
    5. Much of the scene leading up to Halloran’s first appearance, where Ullman shows off the Gold Room and remarks how all the liquor has been removed for insurance purposes.
    6. The end of Halloran’s scene in the kitchen with Danny, where Danny asks if Halloran is scared of the Overlook and Halloran says "…the Overlook Hotel here has something about it that’s like shining."
    7. The end of the Torrances’ first night in the hotel, when Wendy brings Jack breakfast and they talk about their vastly different impressions of the place.
    8. After Danny and Wendy explore the maze, a scene of Wendy working in the kitchen while a news report on the TV talks about an incoming snowstorm.
    9. The title THURSDAY after Jack banishes Wendy from the lounge while he’s working.
    10. After the scene where the Grady girls invite Danny to play with them "for ever and ever," Wendy and Danny watch TV.
    11. Some dialogue from the middle of the scene in the Gold Room, where Jack is served a drink by Lloyd the bartender.
    12. A scene of Wendy crying and talking to herself, right after the scene of Jack and Grady in the red bathroom.
    13. A scene of Halloran trying to contact the Overlook, which takes place right after the scene where Jack sabotages the radio.
    14. The title 8 A.M. before the shot of Halloran’s plane in flight.
    15. A dialogue scene of Halloran on the plane talking to a stewardess, then his scene of landing at the airport and talking to garage owner Durkin (Tony Burton) on the phone.
    16. The beginning of the scene where Wendy goes into Jack’s lounge and finds his type-written pages of "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." This showed Wendy and Danny watching TV and Wendy taking the baseball bat as she leaves the room.
    17. During the climax, when Wendy is running through the hotel being confronted by ghosts, a few shots of a scene showing skeletons sitting at a table with a champagne bottle and glasses.

    It’s interesting to note that almost all of the scenes of the Torrances watching TV were removed for this version, perhaps to enhance their isolation or remove pop culture references.


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